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Brumation - No Brumation required
Incubation Temperature - 27C (80F) to 29C (85F)
Expected Number of Eggs - 6 to 15 per clutch is usual however you should expect multiple clutches
Incubation Days - Normally 65 days at around 28-28.5C (82-84F) but could be as long as 95 days if this temperature cannot be constantly maintained.
Incubation Method - A plastic container with a small single air hole on each of the 4 corners.

We use 2 parts vermiculite to 1 part water by volume which is covered with a single layer of dry perlite.
The eggs are placed on top of the perlite and then covered with shredded kitchen roll which is replaced every couple of days for the first week and then once a week for the remainder of incubation.

An account of breeding 2 of our Radiated Ratsnakes, Female T+ Albino named Ishtar and Male T- Albino named Ivan.

Ishtar has previously had a really tough time with breeding. Her first AND second season merged together when she laid nothing but infertile eggs which she scattered all over the place every month or two, including through the winter. All this from only ONE mating. It was a really tough time for all of us, at times we thought we would lose her because she was so thin, burning off all that energy. Luckily she eats anything you put in front of her so we were able to feed her every couple of days just to keep her going.

In the end (against normal practice for this species) we decided to cool her for a short time and thankfully it worked by stopping the breeding cycle. We rested her for a year and then paired her up again quite early in 2009. Relief came when she did a pre-lay shed, as her infertile eggs were always scattered around usually either just before or during a shed. Another thing to note here is she is generally quite calm for the species but after a good pre-lay shed she will puff up and be incredibly bad tempered!! She went on to produce 3 clutches in 2009 with the first and last ones being good fertile clutches. The hatchlings (all wild type) were very large and healthy, ate well and their temperament was surprisingly calm.


Towards the end of 2009 we paired them up again and as usual he got straight to business so we decided not to introduce him again.

Unfortunately only a month later she started scattering infertile eggs again. We did not want to repeat what had happened previously and thought that maybe allowing only one mating was a mistake, so we introduced him again and as usual he did not disappoint but this time we left them together for a good few days and then again the following week.

A month later she did a pre-lay shed with a really bad temper and that was subsequently followed by 13 perfect eggs.  In 2010 she laid a total of 3 clutches and all 31 eggs were fertile, with 28 of them hatching successfully.

Ishtar always lays good clutches in a clump and infertile clutches are scattered.

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