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I no longer keep Gonyosoma janseni, but since there is not a lot of infomation published for this species, I thought I would share a few notes.
 I brought a pair of freshly imported Jansens Ratsnakes which arrived in a German shipment. Both snakes appeared healthy and a faecal examination confirmed this.

For the first three to four weeks the snakes were shy and hid away in corkbark tubes. Feeding was done by placing dead mice and rats around the terrarium in the evening, these were always gone by the morning. As I housed both snakes together it was hard to tell if both had been feeding or only one. I didn't want to stress the snakes during this settling in period so continued to feed them like this for a while. Eventually they started to become less shy and would take both dead and live food from tweezers.

Approx three months after receipt of the snakes, I found several eggs scattered around the terrarium, these proved to be infertile. I had no idea that she was gravid as she didn't look any bigger posteriorly than normal and her feeding had remained unchanged.

The following year the female laid a clutch of eight eggs, six of these appeared healthy and were moved to the incubator. The temperature throughout incubation was 26-28C with approx 90% relative humidity. The eggs were incubated on damp sphagnum moss with a loose layer on top. The hatchlings emerged from their egg after 100 days incubation. They were large hatchlings and all the hatchling eventually ate, some being more stubborn to start than others and having to be assist fed. They took to this very well and as soon as the pinkie was placed in there mouth, they would begin to swallow it.

She laid a further clutch of four eggs the following year and again the year after. From these hatchling I kept four for myself. At just over a year old all of the hatchlings suddenly died. An investigation into the cause revealed nothing.

After having them for five years, the female began to show signs of what I thought was a cold and I had her treated accordingly. The male showed no signs of ill health and behaved perfectly normal, two days after suspecting the female had a cold I found the male dead in the water bowl. The females cold was not responding to treatment so she was re-investigated and the results showed that she was infected with tongue worm. In spite of immediate treatment the female died two weeks later. The terrarium in which the snakes were housed was in the living room, and they occupied one of the higher enclosures, where they were not disturbed by passing traffic, so I don't think that it was stress related why the male died suddenly.

All other conditions regarding temperatures and humidity were the same as for the captive requirements of Gonyosoma oxycephalum.
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