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A quick guide to New World Ratsnake species and subspecies by common name and scientific name.

It should be noted that common names are widely variable, some are not common at all and that they may fall in and out of use. These are just the ones used in English with enough frequency to be known by most. The use of an animals scientific name ensures clarity when discussing them. New World means the America's.

The phrase dates from the 15th century as 'novi orbis' and 'orbo novo', Latin for New World from when Europeans first discovered the America's. Previously, they believed that Europe, Asia & Africa were the limits of the world.

Mexican Trans Pecos Ratsnake Bogertophis subocularis amplinota
Trans Pecos Ratsnake / Suboc Bogertophis subocularis subocularis
Baja Ratsnake Bogertophis rosaliae
Bairds Ratsnake Pantherophis bairdi
Great Plains Ratsnake / Emorys Ratsnake Pantherophis emoryi emoryi
* Intermountain Ratsnake Pantherophis emoryi intermontanus
Southern Plains Ratsnake / Thornscrub Ratsnake Pantherophis emoryi meahllmorum
Cornsnake / Red Ratsnake Pantherophis guttatus guttatus
** Rosy Ratsnake Pantherophis guttatus rosacea
Slowinski's Cornsnake Pantherophis guttatus slowinskii
Texas Ratsnake Pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri
Black Ratsnake / Chicken Snake Pantherophis obsoletus obsoletus
Yellow Ratsnake Pantherophis obsoletus quadrivigatta
Everglades Ratsnake Pantherophis obsoletus rossalleni
Eastern Fox Snake Pantherophis vulpinus gloydi
Western Fox Snakes Pantherophis vulpinus vulpinus
Yucatan Night Snake/Ratsnake Pseudelaphe flavirufus phaescens
Mexican Night Snake/Ratsnake Pseudelaphe flavirufus flavirufus
Escuintla Night Snake/Ratsnake Pseudelaphe flavirufus matudai
Honduran Night Snakes/Ratsnake Pseudelaphe flavirufus pardalina
Western Green Ratsnake Senticolis triaspis intermedius
Honduran Green Ratsnake / Central American Green Ratsnake Senticolis triaspis mutabilis
Yucatan Green Ratsnake Senticolis triaspis triaspis

* The Intermountain Ratsnake is not widely recognised as a subspecies, although many think that it should be because it's range is isolated from that of other emoryi

** The Rosy Ratsnake is not usually given subspecies status, but does come from an isolated location and has diffrences which distinguish it from the Common Cornsnake.
This site has information on the following genera of Ratsnakes ... Spilotes, Spalerosophis, Ptyas, Zamenis, Elaphe, Rhinechis, Senticolis, Pseudelaphe, Pantherophis, Bogertophis, Orthriophis, Gonyosoma, Oreocryptophis, Oocatochus, Euprepiophis, Coelognathus, Archelaphe