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Glossary of Herpetological Terms

... compiled by Dave Royans & Sue Knight
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Background Extinction
Over time throughout history during different environmental conditions some species historically become extinct more so than those that survive. Background extinction describes this phenomenon where it isn’t attributable to a specific environmental event.
Baldwin Effect
A specific phenotype that is re-enforced by the selection genes within a population.
The body plan that may be similar between many species or typical within a genera.
Brand name of enroflaxacin. A member of the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics. A broad spectum antibiotic active against many bacterial types.
Boa constrictor constrictor
Boa constrictor imperator
Latin: meaning originating from Bengal India

Betadine is povidone-iodine an antiseptic microbicide that can be used for wound cleaning in reptiles. It can be brought from most chemists or veterinary surgerys.

bilateral - a characteristic on both sides of an animal such as stripes or spots that are present on either side of many snakes.
A scientific name of an snake that is comprised of two parts genus and species such as Elaphe climacophora. Elaphe is the genus and climacophora is the species name for the Japanese Ratsnake. A binominal or scientific name (sometimes refered to as the Latin name although often not totally in origin Latin) should be written in italics or encased in brackets if there is other text written in italics.
Biological Species Concept

Considers the ability of animals to breed or potentially breed within wild populations as the defining characteristic of a species. Appearance may help in distinguishing a species but this alone does not determine it’s species.

Refers to the living components of the environment such as plants animals & fungi that affect ecolgical functions
The genus Bogertophis (Dowling and Price 1988) was named in honor of Charles M Bogert (1908-1992). A major figure in twentieth century herpetology both as an administrator at the American Museum of Natural History (where he was curator of herpetology for over twenty-five years) and as a researcher.
Bogertophis rosaliae
Bogertophis rosaliae (Mocquard 1899) Baja California Ratsnake named after the type locality Santa Rosalia Baja California Sur Mexico
Pertaining to the North.
This site has information on the following genera of Ratsnakes ... Spilotes, Spalerosophis, Ptyas, Zamenis, Elaphe, Rhinechis, Senticolis, Pseudelaphe, Pantherophis, Bogertophis, Orthriophis, Gonyosoma, Oreocryptophis, Oocatochus, Euprepiophis, Coelognathus, Archelaphe