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Glossary of Herpetological Terms

... compiled by Dave Royans & Sue Knight
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Jacobson’s Organ

A twinned cavity at the front of the upper mouth where olfactory nerves are situated to interpret scent molecules that the tongue picks up. The tongue is flicked out to gather olfactory cues and then is inserted into the Jacobson’s Organ for interpretation. It is used in conjunction with the nostrils to determine the nature of olfactory cues and is extremely sensitive.

When two snakes (male & female) align side by side in courtship.


This site has information on the following genera of Ratsnakes ... Spilotes, Spalerosophis, Ptyas, Zamenis, Elaphe, Rhinechis, Senticolis, Pseudelaphe, Pantherophis, Bogertophis, Orthriophis, Gonyosoma, Oreocryptophis, Oocatochus, Euprepiophis, Coelognathus, Archelaphe