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Glossary of Herpetological Terms

... compiled by Dave Royans & Sue Knight
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Tactile alignment
"The action of positioning via touch usually in reference to mating and alignment for copulation. "
Tactile chase
The action of snakes during courtship when one makes contact with the other usually in jerky movements.

The plural of taxon meaning more than one taxon for instance the group of animals referred to as ’ratsnakes’ or ’rat snakes’ comprise of multiple taxa.

Taxic Discontinuity
A break in the taxic variation i.e. a gap in variation in a subspecies of a species a species of a genus or a genera of a family.

A single individual taxonomic organism for instance Rhinechis scalaris (species) is a taxon the genus Elaphe (genus) is a taxon.

Taxonomy is the study of relationships of animals and plants. It uses binominal (genus and species name) and trinominal (genus species and subspecies name) nonemclature.
TDPA  - temperature (induced) dependant pattern aberrancy
Terrestrial - land living.
Latin: Meaning Pertaining to the Earth
Greek: Meaning Four
Latin: Meaning Three
Greek: Meaning Three
trinominal is the use of a triple naming system to describe an animal at subspecies level. For instance Elaphe carinata carinata.
Refers to a breeding group of 3 animals usually 1 male and two females A group consisting of 2 males and 1 female is known as a Reverse Trio.
Type species

Generic name is derived from a particular species and classed as the ’type species’ for instance Elaphe sauromates (formerly Elaphe quatuorlineata sauromates) is the type species for the genus Elaphe.

This site has information on the following genera of Ratsnakes ... Spilotes, Spalerosophis, Ptyas, Zamenis, Elaphe, Rhinechis, Senticolis, Pseudelaphe, Pantherophis, Bogertophis, Orthriophis, Gonyosoma, Oreocryptophis, Oocatochus, Euprepiophis, Coelognathus, Archelaphe