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Cultivar: Abbotts Okettee
Genotype: _+._+
Eyes: Brown with black pupil
Ventrals: Squarish black Checker board markings on a white background which may turn to orange towards the tail.


Appearance: A Selectively bred Okeetee phase Cornsnake with deep red saddles which are bordered by thick black well defined borders. The background ranges from a clean orange to bright orange.

History: Selectively bred by Lee Abbott for thick black borders on a clean orange background, the line is thought to have started with a Wild Caught Okeetee bred to a Kathy Love line Okeetee

Varieties: There are several lines of Okeetee Cornsnakes which can be traced back to Wild Caught animals from South Carolina with the Love Line Okeetee being the most popular, this line also gave rise to the Sunkissed Cornsnake (Hypo B / Hypo Okeetee).

  Don Sodenberg - South Mountain Reptiles (1,3 & 5-7.)
Sue Knight (2,4)
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