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Cultivar: Amber (Homozygous Hypomelanistic and Caramel)
hh·hh , cac·cac
Golden brown with a ruby red pupil
Ventrals: Dark brown checker board patterned


History: First produced by Rich Z of Serpenco in 1995 by breeding a normal coloured snakes together from his caramel line with one of the lines of Hypomelanism he was working with. First offered for sale in 1997. Named by an employee at Serpenco, Aaron Gerson.

Appearance: Amber Cornsnakes vary from being a golden amber colour to a light greeny brown with yellow highlights. The saddles are slightly darker than the background colour and often flecked with white.The borders around the blotches are dark brown a result of the hypomelanistic gene reducing the black pigmentation.

Combinations: Amber Motley, Amber Stripe, Amber Bloodred

 Don Sodenberg - South Mountain Reptiles (1,3,5,6.)
Sue Knight (2,4)
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