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Cultivar: Amelanistic Cinder (Homozygous Amelanistic and Cinder
Other Marketing Names: Amel Cinder, Amel Z, Amelanistic Anerythristic C
Genotype: aa.aa , cic.cic
Eyes: Pink with a deeper pink pupil
Ventrals: Reduced checkerboard pattern in shades of red on a yellow background, some dark mottling may also be present.


History: First produced by Carol Huddleston in 2005. Carol hatched out one Amel Cinder this year, in 2007 she produced another and in 2008 several more.

Appearance: Babies hatch looking like Opal Corns as they mature the saddles develop the red flecks on a white background. Carol has likened their colouration to that of Peppermint Candy.

Other Cinder Combinations: Hypomelanistic Cinder

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