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Cultivar: Amelanistic Hurricane (Homozygous Amelanistic & Motley)
Genotype: aa.aa , mm.mm
Eyes: Light Red, Orange, or Pink with Pink pupils.
Ventrals: White unpatterned ventral scales as hatchlings, adults may develop some mottled colouration especially towards the tail.


Appearance: Hurricane Motleys have a pattern which looks like circles down there back with thick borders of concentrated colour.

Notes: Hurricane Motleys are a selectively bred Motley. Although not a recessive morph like Motley the trait can be expressed within a clutch. There is much more likelihood if both parents are Hurricane.


Recently it has been noted that some lines of Motley have some slight checkerboard on their ventrals. Kathy Love in her Comprehensive Owners Guide - Cornsnake Book says about 5% checkerboard may be present but also writes that this is on the increase

The Motley & Stripe genes share the same locus, although Motley is dominant to Stripe. If you were to breed a Motley to a Stripe the resulting hatchlings appearance would be that of a Motley but they would be carrying the Stripe gene, these are known by the marketing name of Motley Stripe.

Other selectively Bred Amelanistic Motley Morphs:
Amelanistic Banded, Sunglow Motley

 Don Sodenberg - South Mountain Reptiles (1,6.)
Sue Knight - (5,7)
Lucio (Spiderman) - (2)
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