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Cultivar: Amelanistic Stripe (Homozygous Amelanistic & Stripe)
Other Marketing Names: Amel Stripe
Genotype: aa·aa , ms·ms
Eyes: Light Red, Orange, or Pink with Pink pupils.
Ventrals: Unpatterned white ventrals in hatchlings, in adults some red/orange may bleed onto them giving them a mottled appearance which becomes more solid towards the tail.


History: The first known Wild Type Stripes were hatched by Mike Nolan of the UK in the mid 80's. We are unable to trace any history on the Amel Stripe at present.

Apprearance: The usual saddled pattern is replaced by four longitudinal stripes. The Stripe gene also has a brightening effect on the colouration, giving Amelanistic Corns a much cleaner and brighter orange colouration.

Selectively Bred Amelanistic Stripes: Amelanistic Vanishing Stripe, Amelanistic Sunspot, Amelanistic Patternless, Amelanistic Cube, Sunglow Stripe

Combinations: Fire Stripe, Snow Stripe, Opal Stripe, Butter Stripe

 Niels Kamp & Johan can der Dussen - Special Corns (3,6)
Jan Grathwohl (2)
Don Sodenberg - South Mountain Reptiles (1,4,5,7)

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