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Cultivar: Amelanistic Sunspot
Other marketing names: Albino Sunspot
Genotype: aa.aa , ms.ms
Eyes: Light Red, Orange, or Pink with Pink pupils.
Ventrals: Unpatterned white ventrals in hatchlings, in adults some red/orange may bleed onto them giving them a mottled appearance which becomes more solid towards the tail.


History: Sunspot Corns are a selectively bred pattern variation of the Stripe Corn produced by Jeff Risher of Hall of Fame Reptiles.

Appearance: An Orange partial stripe may be present on the neck. The usual stripes are replaced with orange oval or round blotched on a paler orange background.

Notes: Similar to the Amelanistic Cube but the markings are oval or rounded in Sunspots.

Other Selectively bred Amelanistic Stripes:
Amelanistic Vanishing Stripe, Amelanistic Patternless, Amelanistic Cube, Sunglow Stripe

 Jeff Galewood - JMG Reptiles (1,3,5,6)
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