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Cultivar: Zolatone
Other marketing names: Albino Terrazzo, Amelanistic Terrazzo
Genotype: aa.aa ??.??
Eyes: Red/orange/pink with a red/dark Pink pupil
Ventrals: Patternless


History: First produced by Jeff Sr & Jeff Jr Galewood of JMG Reptiles in October 2008.

Appearance: An orange partial stripe on a paler orange background. The stripe begins after the head and fades as it goes along the body into a patternless granite appearance.

Notes: The Terrazzo name was the invention of Jeff Galewood and is a description of there granite-like appearance. Jeff produced some of the recessive pattern representatives of this mutation by crossing an Original Granite (Terrazzo) to Miami Cornsnakes. His homozygous Terrazzo Corns are redder than the [[Original Granite]] that displayed the traditional Rosy Ratsnake (Keys Cornsnake) color scheme,

Other Terrazzo combinations: Charcoal Terrazzo

 Jeff Galewood - JMG Reptiles (2,3,4,5)
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