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Cultivar: Anerythristic Patternless (Homozygous Anerythristic and Stripe)
Other marketing names: Anery Patternless
Genotype: ana·ana , ms.ms
Eyes: Grey with a black pupil
Ventrals: Unpatterned white ventrals in hatchlings, in adults some colour may bleed onto them giving them a mottled appearance which becomes more solid towards the tail.


History: Patternless Corns are a selectively bred pattern variation of the Stripe Corn.

Appearance:Patternless corns may have some remnants of the stripe pattern on the neck, but other wise have no markings. The overall colouration is grey.

Notes: Breeding two Patternless Corns together does not necessarily produce a full clutch of Patternless babies. Variations in the clutch can range from Patternless, Vanishing Stripe, full Stripe, even Cube and Sunspot have been seen in clutches of Patternless parents.

The Motley & Stripe genes share the same locus, although Motley is dominant to Stripe. If you were to breed a Motley to a Stripe the resulting hatchlings appearance would be that of a Motley but they would be carrying the Stripe gene, these are known by the marketing name of Motley Stripe.

Other Selectively bred Anerythristic Stripes:
Anerythristic Vanishing Stripe, Anerythristic Sunspot, Anerythristic Cube

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