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Cultivar: Avalanche Stripe (Homozygous Amelanistic, Anerythristic, Bloodred & Stripe)
Other Marketing Names: Snow Bloodred Stripe
Genotype: aa·aa , ana·ana , ms·ms , DD·DD
Eyes: Pink with a darker pink pupil
Ventrals: White & devoid of any markings


History: First produced by Rich Hume in 2007 from a pairing of Amelanistic Bloodred Stripe (Fire Stripe) het Anerythristic Corns.

Apprearance: Hatchlings are born a pale pink colour with two dorsal stripes a few shades darker than the background. The lateral stripes are either very faint or not present at all. As they mature the pink intensifies. As this is a new cultivar no adult description can be given at this time.

Notes: Diffused is often use to describe the pattern trait of bloodreds, when combined with other cultivars. It is also though that the Bloodred gene works co-dominantly as het bloodreds express some traits such as reduced belly markings usually concentrated to the sides of the ventrals leaving a plain line running the length. The head pattern in hets can also be reduced. It's inheritance isn't fully understood yet but it doesn't appear to be a straight on/off gene.

The Motley & Stripe genes share the same locus, although Motley is dominant to Stripe. If you were to breed a Motley to a Stripe the resulting hatchlings appearance would be that of a Motley but they would be carrying the Stripe gene, these are known by the marketing name of Motley Stripe.

Combinations: Avalanche Motely Stripe

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