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Cultivar: Aztec
Genotype: _+._+
Eyes: Brown with black pupil
Ventrals: Black checkerboard markings on a white background.


History: First marketed by Rich Z. He brought a a few pairs from Bob McIvor and Sam Mandolesi at one of the mid-Atlantic shows. These were sold to him as 'aberrants' and were from the Zig-Zag or Zipper lines started by John Albrecht and later by Dan Thomasco.

Appearance: The aztec pattern is one that looks like broken shards of glass. the pattern is very aberrant. The background colour is contained in the saddles in some places.

Notes: Aztec is a selectively bred pattern mutation and not a proven reccessive gene. Clutches of Aztec looking parents do not always produce Aztecs as there is no set mode of inheritance.Gernerally though if you have two good Aztec looking adults you will get some nice Aztec hatching maybe even some Zig-Zags and normals

Combinations: The most common Aztec combinations we see are Anerythristic Aztec, Snow Aztec, Amelanistic Aztec the Aztec pattern has been combined with many other cultivars.

 Photo Credit: Deano Carguillo - CPR (2)
Sean & Monica Niland - VMSherp.com (1,3,6)
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