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Cultivar: Banded (Homozygous Motley)
Genotype: mm.mm
Eyes: Brown with a black pupil
Ventrals: White unpatterned ventral scales as hatchlings, adults may develop some orange/red pigments especially towards the tail.


History: Banded is a selectively bred line of Motley first produced by Don Sodenberg of South Mountain Reptiles

Appearance: Banded Cornsnakes are selectively bred to stretch the dorsal saddles down the sides.

Notes: The Motley & Stripe genes share the same locus, although Motley is dominant to Stripe. If you were to breed a Motley to a Stripe the resulting hatchlings appearance would be that of a Motley but they would be carrying the Stripe gene, these are known by the marketing name of Motley Stripe.

Other Selectively Bred Motleys: Hurricane, Miami Motley,
Varieties and other morph combinations: Amelanistic Banded

 Don Sodenberg - South Mountain Reptiles (1,2,3,4,5,6.)

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