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Cultivar: Blizzard (Homozygous Amelanistic & Charcoal)
Other Marketing Names: Charcoal Snow
Genotype: aa·aa , chc·chc
Eyes: Pink with deeper pink pupils
Ventrals: Normal checkerboard pattern remains, only the pattern is in varying shades of off white on a white background


History: The first blizzards where produced by Art Meyer, Jack Cole & Rich Z. If you read the Charcoal history you will see that Bill & Kathy Love bred a Snow Corn to their Charcoal line in order to determine whether it was a new gene or not. The blizzards from what we can understand at least in the case of Rich Z's are direct descendants from the Loves first 'hets'. Blizzards were named by Bill & Kathy Love for there solid white appearance.

Appearance: Blizzards can be quite variable in appearance, some are solid white with only the faintest of yellow saddles showing under strong light, whilst others have light yellow saddles on a white background when adult similar to that of a Snow Corn.

Notes: Some adults also develop yellow colouration along the sides, this has been therorized as possibly being connected to the snake also being homozygous for Anerythristic because of the history of the original Charcoal Corn being het Anerythristic.

Combinations: Blizzard Bloodred

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