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Morph: Butter (Homozygous Amelanistic & Caramel)
Other marketing names:
aa.aa , cac.cac
Pink with a pink/red pupil


History: The first Butter (Caramel x Amelanistic) cornsnake was bred by Rich Z in 1991. Whilst on vacation with his wife in Southwest Florida in 1985 they visited a pet store in Cape Coral. In the store was a tank with some wild caught cornsnakes in it, one of these corns immediately caught Rich's attention. A female with an unusual straw coloured ground colour and reddish brown blotches. This snake was purchased and was first bred with a Snow Corn male, as expected all the hatchlings were wild-type, several of these were kept back and raised for future breeding projects. The next season she was bred to an Amelanistic male and again some of the babies were held back for future breeding.

When the first group was old enough they were bred back to one another and several Amelanistic hatchlings were produced, which appeared to have more yellow pigment in them as they matured. The same results were obtained when the second group was bred. Rich kept 3 males and 5 females that were Amelanistic and also one female from each of the two clutches from the original female

1991 saw the first Butter Corns being produced by breeding the Amelanistic males to there sibling sisters and to the females he had kept back from the first clutch. The Butter babies looked like Snow corns when they hatched but there backgrounds weren't white as you might expect with a Snow. As these 'Snow' looking corns grew they deveolped more and more yellow, hence the marketing name of Butter.

Appearance: Adult Butter Corns are shades of yellow and white, they can be quite variable in appearance with some being nearly uniformily yellow. As mentioned above the hatchlings can be almost Snow looking.

Combinations: Butter Stripe, Butter Motley, Sulphur

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