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Cultivar: Caramel Bloodred
Other marketing names: Caramel Diffused
Genotype: caccacDDDD
Eyes: Brown with a black pupil.
Ventrals: Unpatterned white ventrals in hatchlings, in adults some colour may bleed onto them giving them a mottled appearance which becomes more solid towards the tail.


History: First produced by Rich Z of Serpenco, affectionately called Blood Clots.

Appearance: As hatchlings bloodreds don't look much different colour wise to a Caramel Cornsnake except they have a plain unmarked belly and often reduced markings on a grey head. Some smudging (diffusion) of the colour maybe evident along the sides. As Caramel Bloodreds mature the lateral blotches are diffused, the ground colour is often only a few shades lighter than the dorsal caramel coloured dorsal blotches. The blotches may have remnants of black borders.

Notes: Diffused is often use to describe the pattern trait of Bloodred, when combined with other cultivars. It is also though that the Bloodred gene works co-dominantly as het Bloodreds express some traits such as reduced belly markings usually concentrated to the sides of the ventrals leaving a plain line running the length. The head pattern in hets can also be reduced. It's inheritance isn't fully understood yet but it doesn't appear to be a straight on/off gene.

Varieties and other morph combinations:
Sulphur, Amber Bloodred

 Rosier van de Kuil - Genetic Designs (1,3,5,6)
Niels Kamp & Johan can der Dussen -
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