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Cultivar: Caramel Motley (Homozygous Caramel and Motley)
Other Marketing Names: Anerythristic Type C Motley, Caramot
Genotype: caccacmmmm
Eyes: Golden Brown with a dark iris
Ventrals: White unpatterned ventral scales as hatchlings, adults may develop some mottled colouration especially towards the tail.


History: Believed to be first produced by Rich Z of Serpenco

Appearance:In adults the background colour varies from a light yellowish brown to a light brownish grey. The dorsal pattern also varies from a caramel-yellow-brown to a chocolate brown colour. The Motley gene has a lightening effect so Motley cultivars are nearly always lighter in appearance than there normal blotched counterparts. The Motley trait effects the dorsal saddles, and is quiet variable in it's appearance. The saddles may be joined by striping or become elongated and stretch down the sides of the snake or a mixture of the two.The side blotches are also effected and most often absent or they are taken up with the extended dorsal blotches as they stretch down the sides.

Notes: It has been noted by some breeders that snakes het for Caramel can show more yellow pigment than normal. Another interesting observation is that Type A Anerythrism seems to mask the Caramel gene when they are homozygous in the same animal. Rich also notes that these double homozygous Corns look very clean with reduced colouration that is often seen in many Anerythristic Motley Cornsnakes.

The Motley & Stripe genes share the same locus, although Motley is dominant to Stripe. If you were to breed a Motley to a Stripe the resulting hatchlings appearance would be that of a Motley but they would be carrying the Stripe gene, these are known by the marketing name of Motley Stripe.

Selectively Bred Caramel Motleys: Caramel Hurricane, Caramel Banded

Varieties and other morph combinations: Common colour combinations are: Butter Motley, Amber Motley, Caramel Motley Stripe, GoldDust Motley

 Don Sodenberg - South Mountain Reptiles (1,6.)
Deano Carguillo - CPR (2,4)
Niels Kamp & Johan van de Dussen - Special Corns (3)
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