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Common Names: Thorn Scrub Ratsnake, Southern (Great) Plains
Scientific Name: Pantherophis emoryi meahllmorum

Adult Size: 120 to 150cm
Temperament: Generally placid
Temperature & Humidity Range: Provide a thermal gradient between 27°C (80°F) - 22°C (71°F) 
Brumation:  12-15°C for 2 months
Reproduction:  6-15 eggs are laid per clutch, hatching from 60-75 days at an incubation temperature of between 25-29°C
Known Mutations: Reversed Stripe
Natural History: An inhabitant of the South Texas brush country.
Native To: This sub-species of the Great Plains Ratsnake occurs as far north as the Balcones Escarpment (along a line extending from Del Rio to San Antonio to Austin), west into the eastern portion of the Chihuahuan Desert, and east to a line between Austin and Corpus Christi.

Map showing the distribution of Pantherophis emoryi meahllmorum in the wild.
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Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 197-236
Subcaudals: 58-83
Dorsals: 25-29
  • Neuce County Texas
  • Author: Toby Brock
  • North Padre Island
  • Author: Toby Brock
  • Neuce County Texas
  • Author: Toby Brock

Conservation Status:
IUCN Red List:

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