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Common Names: Cornsnake, Red Ratsnake
Scientific Name: Pantherophis guttatus
First Described: LINNAEUS, 1776

Adult Size:  100-140cm
Temperament: Generally very placid
Temperature & Humidity Range:  The ambient warm end of the enclosure should be 27-28°C (80-82°F) with a hot spot of 29°C (85°F), the cooler end of the enclosure should be around 22°C (71°F). A humid hide is benefical, spray the enclosure with tepid water whilst the snake is in slough.
Brumation:  12-15°C for 2 months.
Reproduction: Typically 12-30 eggs are laid, hatching from 60-75 days at 25-29°C
Known Mutations: There are over a hundred known cultivars in captivity inc:
Amelanistic, Anerythristic, Snow, Caramel, Lavender, Hypomelanistic, Striped, Motley, ZigZag, Amber, Pewter, Ghost. Also see our A-Z Cornsnake Cultivar Guide which is by means complete
Captive Bred Localities: Okeetee, Miami, Alabama, Florida Keys 'rosacea', Green Swamp Florida,
Natural History:  The Cornsnake inhabits altitudes up to 760m. Found in a wide variety of landscapes, these include grasslands, pine woods, farmland, swamps, rocky crevices, river banks and human settlements. A terrestrial snake although it has been noted as high as 10m up trees. The Cornsnake inhabits dry areas aswell as moist and often found near water. This species will spend alot of time under the ground in burrows searching for food.
Native To: USA

Map showing the distribution of Pantherophis guttatus ( Red Ratsnake / Cornsnake ) in the wild.
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SCHULZ, Klaus Dieter, 1996. A monograph of the Colubrid Snakes of the genus Elaphe Fitzinger.
BURBRINK, F.T. 2002. Phylogeographic analysis of the cornsnake (Elaphe guttata) complex as inferred from maximum likelihood and Bayesian analyses. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 25 (3): 465-476

Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 203-245
Subcaudals: 47-84
Dorsals: 23-29
  • Abbots Okeetee
  • Author: Sue Knight
  • Anerythristic Stripe
  • Author: Sue Knight
  • Close Up
  • Author: Sue Knight
  • Cornsnake
  • Author: Dieter Vernijns
  • Anerythristic Stripe
  • Author: Sue Knight
  • Hatching
  • Author: Sue Knight
  • Hatching
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  • Pewter
  • Author: Sue Knight

Conservation Status:
IUCN Red List: Not Listed
NatureServe Status: N5 - secure

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