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Common Names: Trinket Snake
Scientific Name: Coelognathus helena helena
First Described: DAUDIN, 1803

Adult Size:  Sexual dimorphism is present in this species with males reaching lengths of between90-100cm with females larger at 120-130cm.
Temperament: Generally placid and shy.
Temperature Range: Provide a thermal gradient between 29°C (84°F) - 25°C (77°F), humidity 70-80%, a humid hide and mist the enclosure daily with tepid water when approaching a sloughing.
Brumation: Brumation not needed.
Reproduction: 2-6 clutches are produced each year with between 3-12 eggs in each clutch. Incubation typically takes 50-96 eggs at 26-29C
Known Mutations: Albino, Hypomelanistic, Melanistic
An albino specimen has been recorded (Gohil, 1983) and also a completely black or melanistic specimen (Wall 1913).
Specimens being sold in the hobby as 'Golden' or 'High Yellow' are likely Sri Lankan species which are renowned for their brighter colouration.
Captive Bred Localities: Sri Lanka,
Natural History:  Inhabiting the plains and foothills at altitudes between sea level and 900m. A preference for scrub areas at the edge of rain forests, rice fields, plantations and the edges of meadows; especially in the vicinity to water have been recorded. The diet of Coelognathus helena in the wild consists of, Mice, Rats, Birds, Lizards, Frogs, Snakes and hatchlings have been known to eat insects.

  • Trinket Snake
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  • Trinket Snake
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  • Trinket Snake
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  • Trinket Snake
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  • Trinket Snake
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  • Trinket Snake
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  • Trinket Snake
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Native To: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka.
Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 210-260
Subcaudals: 73-100
Dorsals: 25-27

Conservation Status:
IUCN Red List: Not Listed

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