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Common Names: Chapa Ratsnake
Scientific Name: Archelaphe bella chapaensis
First Described: BOURRET, 1934

Adult Size: 80-90cm
Temperament: Secretive
Temperature & Humidty Range: Day time temperatures 24-27C with a night time drop to between 16-19C, Moderate humidity with a container filled with damp sphagnum moss (humid hide) present in the cage.
Brumation: Short brumation of 4-6 weeks at 15-17C.
Reproduction: Oviparious
Known Morphs: None Known at present
Captive Bred Localities: Lao cai sapa, Vietnam.
Natural History: Little data is known for Archelaphe bella chapaensis, what has been recorded suggests that this is a montane species which can be found at an elevations between 1500 and 2000 m. Terrestrial & diurnal, feeding mainly on rodents.
Native To: Archelaphe bella chapaensis has only been recorded in China & Central Hong Valley in far north Vietnam. It is possible that this subspecies also occurs in Northern Laos.

Map showing the distribution of Archelaphe bella chapaensis ( Chapa Ratsnake ) in the wild.
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  • Lao cai sapa, Vietnam
  • Author: Jesper Lund
  • Chapa Ratsnake
  • Author: Gidi van de Belt
  • Lao cai sa-pa Locality
  • Author: Jesper Lund
  • Chapa Ratsnake
  • Author: Gidi van de Belt
  • Chapa Ratsnake
  • Author: Gidi Van de Belt
  • Chapa Ratsnake
  • Author: Lilian Moissonnier
  • Chapa Ratsnake
  • Author: Lilian Moissonnier
  • Chapa Ratsnake
  • Author: Gidi van de Belt

Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 201-226
Subcaudals: 40-60
Dorsals: 19

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