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Common Names: David's Ratsnake
Scientific Name: Elaphe davidi
First Described: SAUVAGE, 1884

Adult Size:  90-120cm
Temperament: Generally placid.
Temperature & Humidity Range: A thermal gradient of between 28°C (82°F) - 20°C (68°F) should be provided together with a humid hide.
Brumation: 3-5 months
Reproduction:  5-8 Eggs with a short incubation
Known Mutations: None Known at present
Captive Bred Localities: Great Wall China,
Scott Lupien was the first westerner to hatch eggs of Elaphe davidi in captivity, from a gravid female captured along the Great Wall, China.
The first true captive breeding was done by a Dutch breeder, Gidi van de Belt in 2013, his animals are from Beijing, Great Wall locality. The first captive breeding in the U.S was achieved by Matthew Most in 2016 whose specimens originated from Hunan province, China
Natural History: Can be found from 100 to 1000m above sea level. Commonly found in the vicinity of water. The diet of Elaphe davidi in the wild consists of, Mice, Rats, Birds & their Eggs, Lizards, Reptile Eggs and Snakes including Elaphe dione who it shares habitat with.
Native To: China and North Korea

Map showing the distribution of Elaphe davidi ( David's Ratsnake ) in the wild.
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SCHULZ, Klaus Dieter (ed.), 2013. Old World Ratsnakes, A collection of papers
SCHULZ, Klaus Dieter, 1996. A monograph of the Colubrid Snakes of the genus Elaphe Fitzinger.

Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 168-185
Subcaudals: 53-69
Dorsals: 23
  • Beijing Great Wall, China
  • Author: Jesper Lund
  • Beijing Great Wall, China
  • Author: Jesper Lund
  • hatchling
  • Author: Gidi Van de Belt
  • Beijing Great Wall, China
  • Author: Jesper Lund
  • 1st Captive Breeding
  • Author: Gidi Van de Belt
  • Hunan Locality
  • Author: Matthew Most
  • Beijing Great Wall, China
  • Author: Jesper Lund
  • 1st Captive Breeding
  • Author: Gidi Van de Belt

Conservation Status:
IUCN Red List: Not Listed
China Species Red List: Vulnerable VU A2a

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