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Common Names: Japanese Forest Ratsnake
Scientific Name:Euprepiophis conspicillatus
First Described: BOIE, 1826

Adult Size: 70-100cm
Temperament:  A very shy and secretive species
Temperature Range:  Provide a thermal gradient of between 25°C (77°F) to 20°C (68°F) and a humid hide. Spraying the enclosure whilst the snake is in slough is beneficial
Brumation:  50-59°F (10-15°C) for 2-4 months
Reproduction:  2-8 eggs per clutch hatching from 43-56 days at 25-28°C
Known Mutations:  var. Japonica (Red), Locality variations in pattern.
var. Japaonica is a colour variation of Euprepiophis conspicillatus once given the  subspecies status of Elaphe conspicillata japonica. This colour variation is bright red, those being bred in captivity at present are from Hokkaido Is. Japan.
There is a natural variation in pattern between animals originating from the Northern and Southern Islands of Japan. Those from Hokkaido & Kunashiri are noticeably less patterned, particularly the head region than other localities.
Captive Bred Localities: Hokkaido Is. Japan (var.Japonica), South Honshu,
Natural History:  Inhabiting the foothills and high mountains between elevations of 100 and 3000 m. They have a preference for densely planted areas such as forests. Occasionally they can be found in more open areas such as agricultural land, rice fields, highland steppes and grassy plains. On the Island of Kunashiri it is mostly found in the vicinity of water in shady moist forests. A very secretive snake and most often found under clumps of grass, leaf litter, in stone walls and rodent burrows, may also burrow down into loose soil.

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  • South Honshu Locality
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  • Hokkaido prefecture - 'Japonica'
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  • Japanese Forest Ratsnake
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  • Niigatta Prefecture
  • Author: Rex Knight
  • Japanese Forest Ratsnake
  • Author: Rob Kool

Native To:
Japan and neighbouring islands, Kunashiri Island
Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 200-227
Subcaudals: 60-76
Dorsals: 21-23

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