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Common Names: Mandarin Ratsnake
Scientific Name: Euprepiophis mandarinus
First Described: CANTOR, 1842

Adult Size:
90cm - 120 / 180cm
Eastern China animals grow to lengths of between 90 - 110 cm. Mandarin Ratsnakes from Sichuan typically grow between 100-130 cm, Vietnam specimens attain the greatest lengths measuring from 130 to 185 cm
A very shy and secretive species
Temperature and Humidity Range:
25°C (77°F) to 20°C (68°F), Moderate humidity with a container filled with damp sphagnum moss (humid hide) present in the cage.
8-12°C  (47-54°F) for 2-4 months
2-9 eggs per clutch hatching from 40-59 days at 25-29°C
Known Morphs:
Hypomelanistic, Albino, Xanthic, Leucistic, Anerythristic, Striped
In 1998 a US trader offered a female albino mandarin Ratsnake for $10000, this was the only specimen known at that time. An Asian Exporter published photo's some years back of a Leucistic hatchling, this animal was then purchased by a Chinese Snake Farm. An Anerythristic specimen was in the collection of Karl Krumke (Texas) circa 1989. A Hypomelanistic male was in the collection of Karl Krumke (Texas) circa 1989.
Xanthic (White) animals were first produced by Stefen Moeller from his Vietnamese Mandarin Ratsnake stock, these are now readily available in the hobby.
Captive Bred Localities:
Zhejiang, China. Sichuan, China. Sichuan, China (Rainer Fesser Line). Hunan, China (Reiner Fesser Line).  Hong Valley, sapa, Vietnam (Stefan Moeller Line). Hong Valley, sapa, Vietnam (Reiner Fesser Line). Szechuan (Karl Krumke Line).
Natural History:
This species has be found in areas of altitude up to 3000m and other areas below 500m. Habitats are varied and include montane rain forests, farmland, areas with dense vegetation, grasses, shrubs, rocky areas and rice fields. The mandarin Ratsnake shows preference for smaller prey items, where it will raid a rodents nest.
  • Zhejiang Locality
  • Author: Matthew Most
  • Hunan, China (Rainer Fesser Line)
  • Author: Jesper Lund
  • Mandarin Ratsnake
  • Author: Roger Butler
  • Vietnamese Locality
  • Author: Stefan Moeller
  • Axanthic Vietnamese
  • Author: Rhiannon Steere
  • China
  • Author: Lilian Moissonnier
  • Mandarin Ratsnake
  • Author: Roger Butler
  • Mandarin Ratsnake
  • Author: Roger Butler

Native To:
Burma (Myanmar), China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam.
Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 200-241
Subcaudals: 59-82
Dorsals: 21-23

Conservation Status:
IUCN Red List: Not Listed
China Species Red List: Vulnerable VU A2a

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